The reference regulatory framework is contained in Law no. 221 of 19 December 2012, which lists the requirements and rules for registration in the special section of the Business Register.


The law addresses to companies recognized as innovative startups particular tax breaks and simplifications, with the aim of promoting the country's development, innovation and growth.


The innovative startups are characterized by certain requirements, defined by a team of 12 experts who, under the impulse of the MISE, have developed the Growth Decree 2.0, which identifies all the rules and tax breaks aimed at this type of company, without limits related to the age of the entrepreneur or sector of activity.


MISE has therefore established what innovative startups are and what are the advantage measures and tools aimed at the entire life cycle of the company, at the start of the growth, development and maturation phases.


Throughout 2020, any collaboration agreement on Research & Development has a 50% non-refundable tax benefit, in favor of the researcher.